About Me

About Me

My legal name is Jennifer, but please call me Jenny. I grew up in a small town in the province of Alberta, Canada. I recently graduated from the journalism program at SAIT.

I hope to pursue a career in photography, video, journalism, or communications. I love being creative and using my ideas to help improve whatever project I am working on.

One of my biggest passions is the environment. I love the idea of saving the world and doing everything I can to be as eco friendly as possible. I believe that if everyone participates in recycling even in the easiest forms of recycling like cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, and paper, we would see a tremendous difference in our worlds environment.

I have freelanced with my local paper on stories and photography, I have done some photo shoots of grads, and I have also done volunteer public relation work with the Red Deer Fencing Club. I have also filmed and edited a few videos (mini documentary and a music video) that can be found on my webpage.

My bigget goals in life is to travel as much of the world as I can and to share my experiences through my photographs and my writing. Traveling became a dream of mine at a very young age and with that I have travelled with a dream to visit the whole world. I also discovered my passion for photography in high school and I instantly fell in love with it and haven’t stopped taking photos since!

This is where I’ve been so far on my journey  (in chronological order):

  • Alberta, Canada
  • Newfoundland, Canada
  • Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Manitoba, Canada
  • Ontario, Canada
  • Quebec, Canada
  • New Brunswick, Canada
  • P.E.I., Canada
  • Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Catalina Island, California, USA
  • Ensenada, Mexico
  • Idaho, USA
  • Montana, USA
  • Wyoming, USA
  • Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  • London, England
  • Paris, France
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • British Columbia, Canada
  • Hollywood, California, USA
  • Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Photo by Billie Barrett Photography.
Photo by Billie Barrett Photography.