Opinion – Don’t blame the oil industry

Before you go and complain about the oil sands and how they are supposedly terrible for the environment, you should do your research.

There are many environmental issues in this world and you shouldn’t blame it all on the development of oil sands. When in reality, the oil sands do more for the environment than most people know.

Most greenhouse gas emissions come from cars, not the oil sands.

“Final combustion of gasoline emerging from your tailpipe accounts for approximately 70 per cent to 80 per cent of well-to-wheel life cycle emissions,” said on the Natural Resources Canada website.

Greenhouse gasses are emitted in the extraction phase of the crude oil production process, but majority of the total greenhouse gas emissions come from a vehicles tailpipe. (more…)

SAIT’s largest club stays modest about their achievement

With over 200 members, the Student Petroleum Society (SPS) is SAIT’s largest club, yet even with being the largest club, modesty is one of the SPS’s many great qualities.

“Obviously it’s pretty awesome, but I’m not going to take credit for past club success,” said Jonathan Bateman, a second-year petroleum engineering student at SAIT and president of the SPS.

Bateman said that he wants to continue to grow as a club and to not stop improving and to make students feel like they are part of a club.


Portrait of Maggie Nakaska-Adolf.

Maggie Nakaska-Adolf pursues her dream of game design

A career in video games is not pursued by many, but for Maggie Nakaska-Adolf, a Game Development and Design student at the Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver (VCAD), it is the correct career path for her.

“I have always loved playing video games and being on the computer since I was very little,” enthuses Nakaska-Adolf.

She also enjoys watching movies with CGI (computer generated imagery) animation and effects like those in Marvel movies and the Harry Potter series. (more…)

Recycling in Calgary

Green bins in the North Hill mall parking lot.

Green bins in the North Hill mall parking lot.

The City of Calgary works hard for the benefit of the environment.

“We have a very high standard,” said Sharon Howland, the leader of the program management in the waste and recycling Services for the City of Calgary.

Howland works at Dartmouth Place, which is the home of the waste and recycling Services. Her team consists of seven individuals that are responsible for the for the blue cart recycling program. (more…)

Feature: Kristian Martens. Table saw injury


Kristian Martens table saw injury results in many hours of physical therapy.

Kristian Martens posing in front of the Calgary city skyline.

Kristian Martens posing in front of the Calgary city skyline.

Kristian Martens is a small-town, born and raised, 18-year-old boy. After graduation, he went to SAIT and is in his first year of petroleum engineering. He spent his whole youth life in Three Hills, Alta, attending the public school and working on a farm called Penwest Seeds.

His job mostly consisted of yard maintenance and combining in the fall, but last year, Martens had an accident while on the job. (more…)

Feature: Keitha Tetreault. what lead up to her career

Portrait of Keitha Tetreault for the schools 2017 drama production.

Portrait of Keitha Tetreault for the schools 2017 drama production.

Keitha Tetreault had a long and winding road that got her to her dream job that she has today, teaching elementary, and high school drama and art classes at Trochu Valley School.

After she first graduated from high school, Tetreault wanted to be an actress. During her first year of university, she took a couple of acting courses. This was also a difficult time for her because her parents were going through a divorce, forcing her to move out on her own and get a job.

Tetreault also just started dating her future husband at the time and because he went through this with her, it strengthened their relationship.

One of her professors told her that if she wanted to be an actress the first thing she has to know is that there is a good chance she’ll be a starving artist. (more…)

The Effects of Recycling

Student at SAIT recycling.

Student at SAIT recycling.

Plastics are showing up everywhere, it is showing up in our drinking water and even in our blood, it is not good for our world’s environment and it is not good for our health.

By not recycling, chemicals from plastic bottles and in the lining of metal cans leaks into our food and beverages, said Larry Schwartz in a story from AlterNet.

One of the main chemicals used in the production of plastic is a chemical called bisphenol A, or BPA, said Schwartz. (more…)

Minimum Wage

Worker that is getting paid minimum wage at a coffee shop.

Worker that is getting paid minimum wage at a coffee shop.

Business owners have a major change coming their way with the minimum wage increase in Alberta, and there are a lot of controversial opinions on this matter.

In September of this year, it became official that minimum wage will increase to $15 an hour by October of the year 2018.

With this sudden increase, business owners will have to make many changes in order to meet the cost of labour.

“Business and industry groups and opposition critics have been urging Notley’s government to rethink the hike or at least further investigate its implications on the economy before acting,” said in a Global News article by Dean Bennett. (more…)