Feature: Keitha Tetreault. what lead up to her career

Portrait of Keitha Tetreault for the schools 2017 drama production.

Portrait of Keitha Tetreault for the schools 2017 drama production.

Keitha Tetreault had a long and winding road that got her to her dream job that she has today, teaching elementary, and high school drama and art classes at Trochu Valley School.

After she first graduated from high school, Tetreault wanted to be an actress. During her first year of university, she took a couple of acting courses. This was also a difficult time for her because her parents were going through a divorce, forcing her to move out on her own and get a job.

Tetreault also just started dating her future husband at the time and because he went through this with her, it strengthened their relationship.

One of her professors told her that if she wanted to be an actress the first thing she has to know is that there is a good chance she’ll be a starving artist. (more…)

The Effects of Recycling

Student at SAIT recycling.

Student at SAIT recycling.

Plastics are showing up everywhere, it is showing up in our drinking water and even in our blood, it is not good for our world’s environment and it is not good for our health.

By not recycling, chemicals from plastic bottles and in the lining of metal cans leaks into our food and beverages, said Larry Schwartz in a story from AlterNet.

One of the main chemicals used in the production of plastic is a chemical called bisphenol A, or BPA, said Schwartz. (more…)

Minimum Wage

Worker that is getting paid minimum wage at a coffee shop.

Worker that is getting paid minimum wage at a coffee shop.

Business owners have a major change coming their way with the minimum wage increase in Alberta, and there are a lot of controversial opinions on this matter.

In September of this year, it became official that minimum wage will increase to $15 an hour by October of the year 2018.

With this sudden increase, business owners will have to make many changes in order to meet the cost of labour.

“Business and industry groups and opposition critics have been urging Notley’s government to rethink the hike or at least further investigate its implications on the economy before acting,” said in a Global News article by Dean Bennett. (more…)

The benefits of living on residence

The SAIT residence Begin Tower building.

The SAIT residence Begin Tower building.

CALGARY – Out of the about 20,000 part-time and full-time students that attend SAIT, only just over 1000 of the students take the opportunity to live in the SAIT residence buildings while the other students miss out on the benefit to living on campus.

When a student gets accepted to a school the next important decision that needs to be made is if they will live on or off campus, but not many students take advantage of the benefit to living at the SAIT residence.

One of the biggest advantages to living at the SAIT residence is that the students do not have to worry about driving to and from school.

This takes off stress from the student from worrying if traffic, C-train troubles, weather or any other complications can get in the way from getting the student to and from school. (more…)

Mental illness and stress during the Christmas season

Christmas bulbs on a tree.

Christmas bulbs on a tree.

Mental illness and stress affect students every day, but as we approach the Christmas season, mental illness and stress seem to increase, especially in students.

“The cultural message, consumerism, and the expectation that we experience increased joy and general merriment during the Christmas season is the perfect setup for disappointment,” said Glenn Berg, a Family Resource Worker at Trochu Valley School.

It is not uncommon for the family resource worker to deal with students struggling with mental illness or stress. (more…)

Sicamous BC

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