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Wedding stationary designed for a fake wedding.
A layout I created, did not write the article.
A layout I created, did not write the article.
Click here for the full Beatles Brochure, designed for an assignment in SAIT GCTP program.
A fake spa ad designed for a class assignment for a spa called Tranquille Spa. 
An inspirational Quote by Benjamin Franklin.

 The Red Deer Fencing Club is a non-profit organization that was established in 1995. In this project, I did a press kit on the Red Deer Fencing Club with a media release, brochure, fact sheet, backgrounder, and newsletter.

A PDF of the RDFC Press Kit 

The vides PSA for the media kit is shown below

Think Green is my magazine I created in a class is my SAIT journalism program. It is about staying green and creating a more eco-friendly environment. All designs, illustrations, content, and photos have been taken, written, and created by me. I used inDesign, photoshop, and Illustrator to create them.

A PDF of my Think Green Magazine 

An ePub of my Think Green Magazine 

This is a Creative Layout project I did for a class in my SAIT journalism program using Adobe inDesign. I took my blog posts about my Europe trip in 2015 and put them in a magazine-like layout. All photos were taken by me.

A PDF of my Creative Layout