The SAIT residence Begin Tower building.

The SAIT residence Begin Tower building.

CALGARY – Out of the about 20,000 part-time and full-time students that attend SAIT, only just over 1000 of the students take the opportunity to live in the SAIT residence buildings while the other students miss out on the benefit to living on campus.

When a student gets accepted to a school the next important decision that needs to be made is if they will live on or off campus, but not many students take advantage of the benefit to living at the SAIT residence.

One of the biggest advantages to living at the SAIT residence is that the students do not have to worry about driving to and from school.

This takes off stress from the student from worrying if traffic, C-train troubles, weather or any other complications can get in the way from getting the student to and from school.

Kristian Martens, a student living in SAIT residence, says that he really enjoys living on campus because he does not need to worry about driving and that it is super convenient for getting to class and for using the C-train since the station is right on campus.

Another student that lives in SAIT residence, Ella Dunn, is very happy that she chose to live in SAIT residence because she finds that it is the easiest way to meet new people and when she has breaks from class she likes to go back to her room to either sleep or just hang out.

Living on residence is also a very affordable option for a student because everything is included, such as utilities, cable, internet and they have access to laundry machines.

Jose Rosa, a desk worker at the Begin Tower, said that “the students have a better chance of finishing their course when they live in res.”

Another benefit that Rosa mentioned was that SAIT residence supplies the students with a community and encourages them to get involved.

SAIT also supplies every two floors with a Community Assistant (CA) that allows any residence student to ask questions and get the students involved in activities that SAIT provides as well as being there for the students to just have someone to talk to.

The floor CA’s are also students that are attending SAIT as well, which makes it easier for students to approach them with their questions or problems that they have.

There are two residence building on the SAIT campus, the Begin Tower and East Hall.

The Begin Tower, which offers a room with two beds and one bath and a studio room, is the newest residence addition to SAIT that was opened in 2008.

East Hall offers a room with four beds and two baths as well as a room with one bed and one bath, it opened in 2001.

Martens, Dunn, and Rosa all said that they would definitely recommend SAIT residence for future students if they have the opportunity to live there because it is affordable as well as very convenient for going to classes and meeting new people.

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