Portrait of Keitha Tetreault for the schools 2017 drama production.

Portrait of Keitha Tetreault for the schools 2017 drama production.

Keitha Tetreault had a long and winding road that got her to her dream job that she has today, teaching elementary, and high school drama and art classes at Trochu Valley School.

After she first graduated from high school, Tetreault wanted to be an actress. During her first year of university, she took a couple of acting courses. This was also a difficult time for her because her parents were going through a divorce, forcing her to move out on her own and get a job.

Tetreault also just started dating her future husband at the time and because he went through this with her, it strengthened their relationship.

One of her professors told her that if she wanted to be an actress the first thing she has to know is that there is a good chance she’ll be a starving artist.

He also told her that actors act because they love it, not because of the money.

“Nope, I don’t love it that much, I like stuff and I don’t want to be a starving artist,” Tetreault told me that she remembers sitting there thinking that.

After she decided that, Tetreault went into journalism at Mount Royal University, wanting to become a news reporter.

She did a semester of journalism and she learned that it was all about capturing the human emotion and their most tragic moments and that as a journalist, they would have to leave their own emotion out of it.

Tetreault remembers that she was sitting listening to her professors thinking that she could not do that, she could not step over the person next to you to get the story. “That’s not me, at all,” she said.

After that experience, Tetreault had a chat with her dad, and he told her to become a teacher like her mother. Tetreault’s mother is a teacher that loved art and drama, just like her.

After that talk, Tetreault’s looked at the requirements to become a teacher and everything that she did transferred over and it didn’t take her long to get her teaching degree.

“And I just thought, well this is wonderful.”

Tetreault first thought she wanted to be a high school teacher because she wanted to teach drama and art.

“Honestly I thought it would be like Glee,” she said.

“The high school would sing and dance and everyone will be happy and all the jocks and the geeks would get together through song and dance.”

When Tetreault did her first practicum, she discovered that this was not going to be like Glee. During her first day at her practicum, while the teacher was away, she was put in charge of the lesson and supervising during the play rehearsal. Keitha went into the sound booth room and got locked in by the students.

She started banging on the door yelling, “Let me out, let me out!” The students were laughing and thought that it was hilarious.

Keitha says she remembers the principal coming in and it was mortifying because she was trying to show that she can be a teacher. She remembers crying in his office saying, “I don’t think I can be a teacher.”

After that experience, Tetreault went back to her advisor and asked him what is she supposed to do now? Her advisor told her, “What about elementary?”

She then did a practicum in a grade two class and fell in love the kids and elementary.

Tetreault then took a job an hour and a half out of Calgary in a small town called Trochu. She teaches elementary and high school art. She also directs the school play that they put on every year.

“Trochu is my dream job,” Declared Tetreault.

Ten months ago, after 11 years of marriage, Keitha and her husband Remi had their first child, Eloise Tetreault. She said that her baby is the most important thing in her life right now.

Maggie Adolf, the lead role in Keitha Tetreault’s last play, said that she really liked her as a director. She was flexible with times and is open to the casts opinions and suggestions about the plays. She is always incredibly dedicated to making sure that the cast puts on the best performance.

“With her as a director, drama practices never felt like a chore, they were something to look forward to,” said Adolf.

Another cast member in Tetreault’s past plays, Erin Benedict said, “She really let me grow as an actress.”

“She let me embrace my talents, but also pulled me out of my comfort zone.”


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