With over 200 members, the Student Petroleum Society (SPS) is SAIT’s largest club, yet even with being the largest club, modesty is one of the SPS’s many great qualities.

“Obviously it’s pretty awesome, but I’m not going to take credit for past club success,” said Jonathan Bateman, a second-year petroleum engineering student at SAIT and president of the SPS.

Bateman said that he wants to continue to grow as a club and to not stop improving and to make students feel like they are part of a club.

Quinn Truscott, a second-year petroleum engineering student at SAIT and vice president of the SPS, agreed with Bateman.

“I think that’s what has made the SPS so successful over the years is that nobody has ever said ‘we’re the biggest club, we’ve done it,’ every year is trying to build on the last group,” said Truscott.

“Our main goal of the club is that we want to connect students to industry, and students to students,” said Truscott.

The SPS brings in technical presentations from real companies that work with SAIT to broaden the students’ spectrum on what they can do when they finish their diploma. The SPS tries to bring in a presentation every other week.

Once a month, the SPS also holds a happy hour at Loco Lou’s Grill and Bar, which is located across 16 Ave from SAIT.

These happy hours help the students connect with each other, and the SPS also sometimes invites industry people and alumni to meet students.

“It’s really important to me that [the students] connect with each other before they connect with industry,” said Bateman. “A lot of [the students] will probably work with each other after school or see each other down the line at somewhere so I think it’s important to connect with students.”

The SPS also held a first year mixer at the Odyssey coffee house on SAIT campus for those students that are not interested in going to Loco Lou’s.

For this event, the SPS brought in a technical speaker from Canada Action to get the students excited about the oil field.

“We try to make it educational and to support the industry at the same time,” said Truscott.

The SPS’s biggest event is their industry night. At the industry night, the SPS brings in exploration and production companies and service providers that are looking for the students to fill their jobs.

This gives the students an understanding to what each company has to offer. It also puts a face to companies and what each company specializes in, giving the students a better idea of where they want to work in the future.

“These companies really put an impression on these students, and they’re going to remember that in the future,” said Bateman.

The event is also attended by past alumni, professionals from down town, and technical speakers.

“The whole focus of industry night is to connect students with industry,” said Bateman.

The SPS really tries to showcase the school that night and the great facilities that are provided to the petroleum engineering program, such as their drill simulators, coil simulators, geology lab, and production lab.

“We see our industry night as a benefit to the industry,” said Truscott. “We have 100 graduates this year with probably the best education in Canada on petroleum engineering,” said Truscott.

“I take pride in coming to SAIT” said Bateman. “Most of the professionals I have met in this career have come from SAIT.”

“We have seen first-hand, the benefit of this course,” said Truscott, adding on to Bateman.

One of the perks to joining the club is getting a membership with the Daily Oil Bulletin (DOB), which is a website that shares news, data, industry trends, and opportunities in the Canadian oil patch.

This membership is only given out to members of the club that ask for it.

Another perk from signing up is getting a discount card to bars and restaurants around the city.

“I hope students are just members for the sake of being part of something,” said Bateman.

There are no requirements to be part of the club and anyone is welcomed.

“If [the students] are making those connections with each other and with industry, then I think we have helped them succeed in their future,” said Bateman.

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