In my grade 11 year, my school organized a Europe trip to visit London England, Paris France, and Barcelona Spain. The trip was scheduled for our Easter Break (beginning of April of 2015) and we’ve been planning it for 2 years! When the day finally came, we left the Calgary airport at to fly to London, our first stop. We  spent 4 days in London, and since it was almost 2 years ago I’m forgetting some of the details so I will summarize with my photos to show what we did in those 4 days.

One of the first things we did in London was to go see the London Bridge and visit the Tower of London. It was so amazing to see and visit these landmarks in person! If you ever go to London, I encourage for you to go to the Tower of London and spend the whole day there! absolutely amazing!


11164745_10206886934397609_2416910881847087838_nThe next day we went and visited the Buckingham Palace. It was packed with people there and was hard to get close to the gates. Even though it was cool to see the palace and say that I’ve been there, it was honestly something I could have skipped on my trip because there was so many people you can’t get any decent photos of the place.


We also went on the London Eye! Which I believe is a must if you go to London! It was an amazing view of the Big Ben and the skyline of London.


On our last night in London we went on the Jack the Ripper tour. Honestly it was kind of disappointing. But we did get to explore the dark alleys and creepy parts of London and that was the fun and interesting part!


I know I did not cover everything that I did in London, but I know that in the future I will elaborate on my London trip! Bye for now!

With lots of love,


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