During my 2015 trip to Europe with my class, we visited Montmartre in Paris. Montmartre is the largest hill in Paris and was home of some famous artists and has been featured in many films (including La vie en rose).


We walked to Montmartre led by our tour guides. On the way up the hill, one of our guides would stop us at various locations and talked about three different periods of Art: Cubism, Impressionism and Surrealism. We then visited the former homes and art studios of Vincent VanGogh and Pablo Picasso.

We stopped by a unique sculpture while One of our tour guides told us the story of Le Passe-Muraille by Marcel Ayme, or also known as The Man who Could Walk Through Walls.


It is  a beautiful french short story that I encourage you to look up and read the translated version. I also encourage you to visit this street if you are ever in Paris. It was one of my favourite parts of my trip and it was such a beautiful and educational walk.

With lots of love,


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