My favourite thing that I did in Paris on my 2015 Europe trip with my class was when we went to the Palace of Versailles.

When I was in grade 11 at high school, I learned all about the Palace of Versailles. Which I’m guessing most high school students learned about in their history or social classes. Visiting the palace was absolutely amazing!

I can’t even describe┬áit, thats how beautiful and amazing it is! I know it is a super busy and popular monument in Paris, it is a must see! Also, before you go, you should brush up on the history of this place because it makes the experience so much more amazing.

Palace of Versailles is a must see! but when you go, make sure to spend the whole day there, because there is so much to see. The garden is huge and will take the whole day to explore the whole thing.

With lots of love,


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