11051889_10206886973878596_2784245892654895353_nDuring my Europe trip in the spring of 2015, our second stop was Paris. On our first day there we saw and went inside Notre Dame. It was absolutely amazing! the architecture was fascinating and the stain glass was beautiful! Even though from the line up looked like it would take forever to get inside, it only took about 30 minutes!

once we finally got inside, I could not believe that I was actually inside Notre Dame! I can’t express how amazin
g it was! If you ever go to Paris, you neeeeeed to visit Notre Dame, it is worth it.

After exploring Notre Dame, my friends and I walked across the love lock bridges. Now I know you might be thinking that bridges was a typo, because you might of only thought that there was one love lock bridge. Actually, almost ever bridge over this river that has a wired fence type of railing holds thousands of locks!


In fact, the Paris city workers have to cut the locks off of the bridges all the time because the locks are so heavy that they are causing the bridges to slowly wear down and eventually collapse!

I’ll write more about my trip to Paris in another post, but bye for now!

With lots of love,


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