11164757_10206886867115927_8558684499936299426_nWhen I was in London in the spring of 2015 I also had the opportunity to go on a Harry Potter tour! Since Harry Potter is my favourite book I was quite excited for this tour.

The first thing we did when we went on this tour was ride a double-decker bus! It was actually really fun!

Throughout the tour we visited many different places that were significant to the Harry Potter series such as the exact building that they used as “The Leaky Cauldron”. But they painted in blue since the movies so it might not be that recognizable.


10419613_10206886949357983_3526248043995522516_nAnother location that we visited during the tour was the school the Daniel Radcliffe went to elementary school. Which was conveniently right next to the bridge that the death eaters knocked down in the 7th movie.

After that we went to platform 9 and 3/4 and unfortunately I cannot find the photos that I took there but it was hilarious! They had a trolly that was over halfway in the wall and also had a Harry Potter shop right beside it which was filled with many different Harry Potter souvenirs that are very unique19594_10206886949877996_6097108997557939109_n.

In actuality,  It would be just as fun and Harry Potter educational if you googled where the things were and went yourself. You could go on a tour if you feel more comfortable but it would be just as fun to visit these Harry Potter on your own!

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